Pricing & Payment

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We have 2 payment options. Students can pay as they go or pay in advance. Advance payment must be made at or before Lesson 1.

We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, Venmo and online payments. Make checks payable to Precision Driving School. Venmo @PrecisionDrivingSchool

3.2% credit card surcharge added to online payments.

Behind the Wheel - Advance Payment
$17.12 (credit card surcharge)
Total: $552.12
Behind the Wheel - Pay As You Go
$5.76 (credit card surcharge)
Total: $185.76

No charge for Completion Forms after 6 hours have been completed.

1 Hour Behind the Wheel Test Refresher Course
$3.20 (credit card surcharge)
Total: $103.20
Other Amount :
3.2% credit Card Surcharge
Drivers Education
Register and pay for Drivers Education on our partner’s website. No charge for Completion Form.